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"Hey, guys!" You chirped. You were a new country and you ran into the confrence room and darted up to
the nordics who had taken you in.
Norway and Iceland were just sitting in silence, Denmark was poking Norway (Who after a while ot sick
of Denmark and punched him, making him fall over ._.) and Sweden had him arm clasped around Finland
( poor little Tino ;w; ). You pulled Aksel (Denmark) up off the floor and he jumped up next to you, beaming.

"Hey, _____! Where have you been?! You've taken ages! Not good for a first impression on the
other countries!!" Aksel laughed. You looked aound and noticed he was right, every other nation
was sat there in their seats, staring at you... :< (oops)

"S-sorry! I thought we were supposed to come at _:_! >.<;;" You apologzed to everybody and ran to
your seat next to a creepy french guy ($h!t) and a guy you knew called Antonio (Spain)

"Hehe, seniorita not to worry! We've all been late before~" Antonio smiled at you.

"Thanks :)" you gleamed back until you caught a glare in the corner of your eye coming from the other
side of the room... Norway -.-

He suddenly turned around as he realised you noticed... what had you done? :<
You had been told to come at _:_! But you couldn't stay mad at him for long, because:

a) The meeting started and America had started going on and on about some global warming
superman or something.

b) You had a crush on him -- well not so much of a 'crush' .. you loved him.
You loved how he was always so grumpy and all you wanted was to make him smile~<3 You loved that
little curl thingy on the side of his head~ (what was that for anywhay? o.o) You just loved him altogether!

After the confrence you skipped to the nordic's house daydreaming about random stuff but as soon as you
got to the door, it burst open and out ran Hanatamago (Finland's dog) with a smile on it's face, it jumped
on you and licked your nose~

"Hey there hana~! Happy to see me, are we?" you giggled. As you stood up you saw a figure standing in the doorway.

"Come in then." He said coldly walking away. Norway~<3

you followed him to the living room where all the other nordics were sat.

"Hanatamago!" Finland cheered as the cute little dog followed you into the room.
"So that's were you went! Off to see _____, were we? Heehee dont do that again you silly little thing~" Finland caressed as Hanatamago jumped on him

You sat down inbetween iceland and Denmark on the sofa, stopping Denmark from bugging Iceland and Norway, who was sat at the other side of Iceland.

"............................" Awkwardness filled the room as the scilence got longer.

"So.." You managed to whisper. Everyone looked at you. Again?! >.<

"_____, I think you should stay home from the confrence tomorrow." Iceland said.

"What, why?" You exclaimed sadly

" 'Cause" Sweden butted in. You knew not to reason with him so you slowly got up and walked upstairs to your room sadly. As you walked out Norway
shot you a "sorry" look, wich was unusual for him.

You could hear murmurs and footsteps from downstairs and you sat there on your bed for about  5 minutes

"Stupid Nordics, this isn't fair!" You exhailed. Suddenly you heard a knock on your door, making you jump and fall off your bed
"Ouch-- who is it?" You answered as you got up.
"...Norway.".....!!!..... Norway?! Really?! Omgomgomg, what's he doing here? He never goes to ANYONE else's rooms! Omg maybe he likes you! Or
maybe he's coming to critisize and offend you! Oh no! Oh My--

"...Hello?" his voice came again.

"O-oh! Come in!" You chirped.You opened the doorand he walked in looking at the floor blu-- wait... Was he blushing?! Yes he is! Woah! o.o This is wierd!

"Listen I'm sorry they don't want you to come tomorow. I do but they don't. I asked them just then and they said you're 'not ready'. I think you're perfectly
capable but they... don't." He said, taking a seat on your bed ... you had honestly  never heard him talk this much or like this before!

"Oh, thankyou.. but it's ok. I can cook the dinner and stuff for when you guys come back!" You smiled.

"No, listen, _____! I-i mean.. I want you to come.. but i know you cant, i-i dont want you stuck here all alone is all..." He was blushing like CRAZY now!
"You arent a country just to cook dinner for us when we get back.. you're a country too and ..blahblahblah.."

You kissed him, since that was the only way you figured he'd  shut up. Oh boy was he blushing now, even you were a little!

"heehee~" you giggled as he just stood there, shocked blushing like crazy, speechless. "I thought that would shut you up~" you giggled more.
Hey, so I posted this before as the first part of two parts then I thought.... nah. It also had a bunch of mistakes so I edited it too. Hope you enjoyed~ :iconnorgeplz:

Comment and tell me what you thought, be honest too! It really helps me c:

Also please tell me if there are any more mistakes!!

Love Rachel/Yukisu xxxx :icongangnamplz:

(c) I do not own Norway, you or any of the other characters in this story. all things belong to their respectful owners. I only own the story. I wrote the story its mine!!!!!! :P All the sheeps in the world are MINEEEEEEEEE!!!! :iconsheepplz:
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killjoySG Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013

You have quite a bit of grammar mistakes....
LulzAwesomeCakes Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
I really enjoyed this~ ^^ ... but for me, the emoticons (smiley faces) kind of distracted me from really putting myself in the story.
Ira-kago Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love sorry
Ira-kago Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D I kove this so much its so cute
DeepSleepForTheTrees Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
This is so cute. :aww:
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